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Free yourself from Captivity



If you want a career that offers everything from flexibility to financial rewards, look no further than the insurance industry.

Becoming Licensed to Sell Insurance

In order to sell insurance, you must first obtain a producer license. The four most common lines of insurance are: 

  • Casualty

  • Health & Accident

  • Life

  • Property

Captive to Independent

Captive - An agent that represents only one company and effectively is under the control of that Company.

Independent - An agent or broker that represents more than one insurance company, so they can offer clients a wider choice of insurance options. 


Starting an
Insurance Agency

Learn how to start your own Insurance Agency once you are Licensed.


Pathway to Success: Breaking Free
Webinar Recording

IIA of IL Going Independent 2018

IIA of IL Going Independent 2018


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Springfield, Illinois 62711

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