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If you want a career that offers everything from flexibility to financial rewards, look no further than the insurance industry.

Are you looking for a steady career where you can also make a difference in the lives of the people who live and work in your community? Then you look at Insurance Careers!  EVERYONE needs insurance – from your neighbor to your best friend, your parents, and the business down the street. As an independent insurance agent, YOU have the chance to positively impact people in your community and help provide them protection from the risks they face in their everyday lives. Independent insurance agents can give clients the opportunity to choose between several insurance providers and obtain competitive rates while offering personalized service tailored to their unique needs.

Career Stability and Opportunity  

People will always need insurance for their car, home, business, pet, and even for travel. The insurance industry touches all aspects of life — and that will not change even though the technology behind the scenes is constantly evolving. With a larger number of people retiring, now is a great time to find a position in an independent insurance agency. Plus, many agencies are in growth mode and adding positions to their staff - in fact, over the next five years, more than 400,000 job openings are expected in the insurance industry across the country.  

As agency owners and insurance company executives retire, they're looking for young talent to help maintain the businesses they spent a lifetime building. You could enter the industry now and in just a few years manage staff, work towards owning your own agency, or be a team leader at an insurance company.  


No Two Careers in Insurance are Alike 

There are many different positions and career pathways in the insurance industry. Ideal candidates for insurance customer service and sales positions will have a passion for learning, great customer service skills, and qualifies such as:  

  • Analytical  

  • People-oriented and enjoys interacting with others  

  • Diligent, strong follow-through  

  • Organized  \

  • Consistent  

  • Multi-tasker  

  • Decisive and strong sense of urgency when working  


The insurance industry also employs actuaries, adjusters,
underwriters, technical support office administrators, accountants, human resources, communications professionals, and more so there are many different opportunities depending on your interests and skills.  

Have a Positive Impact on Your Community  

As an insurance agent, you will be providing protection for your clients’ most valuable possessions and livelihood. You’ll help people in good times as they protect new purchases like their home and auto or help a new business get off the ground by providing the necessary coverage. And you’ll be there when the unexpected happens to help a client who has experienced a loss.  Agents also have flexibility with their time and financial resources to support their community by volunteering and sponsoring teams or events.  

Define Your Own Financial Success  

In a growing industry with more than 400,000 jobs openings in the next five years, people entering the insurance field have a huge opportunity for growth. If you become an insurance agent or agency owner, you can control how much you make by setting your own sales goals. The harder you work, the more money you can earn in commission. You are only limited by what you put into your job.  



You want a well-rounded life -- with a rewarding career that includes vacation time and travel. The insurance industry offers flexible schedules and time off. You could even manage your schedule so you won't miss important events. Volunteering and being involved in your community can be a benefit to your business and is also encouraged in most insurance positions.  

Scholarships Available!

Scholarships are available to those considering a career in insurance. Scholarships are awarded to individuals new to the insurance industry, no matter the age. Click here for details.

Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships are also available. Click here for details.

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